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The Butler Paranormal Conference
                  "  2018"

The Butler Organization For Research Of The Unexplained

             The Center For Unexplained Events

Announces The 11th Annual Butler Paranormal Conference

     April 28, 2018 At The Tanglewood Senior Center
                              10 Austin Avenue
                       Lyndora (Butler) Pa. 16045

      The Event Will Run From 10:00 am Till 7:00 pm
                   Admission At The Door $10.00

Scheduled Speakers:  Patty Wilson; Paranormal Forensics  
Rick Fisher: The Carbondale UFO Incident And The 1967
Harrisburg UFO Flap
The Psychic Vincent Sisters: Missing And Homicide Cases,  
And Ghost Stories, Haunted Places And A Gallery Reading
Steve Ward: High Strangeness, Past And Present
Leah Madden: Vampires

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