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The Butler Organization For Research
     Of The Unexplained

The Center For Unexplained Events

Is Proud To Announce The 9th Annual
Butler Paranormal Conference

 April 16, 2016
The Event Will Be Held At The
     Tanglewood Senior Center
           10 Austin Avenue
   Lyndora (Butler) Pa. 16045
The Event Will Run From 10:00 am Till 7:00 pm
  Admission At The Door Is $10.00

Guest Speakers: Ronald Murphy: The Dog Man
Brett McGinnis: SyFy Channel/Ghost Hunters
              Academy/ The Staring Man
   Brian D. Parsons: A Balanced Look At
          Karyn Dolyan: The Truth Is Out There:
Paranormal News And The Mainstream Media
Stan Gordon: Strange Creatures Of Pennsylvania

 There Will Be Vendors, Book Signings,          
Return Appearance By The Men In Black,
       Raffles, Door Prizes, And More...

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"We  Are  Not  Alone"

                       For More Information Please Contact:
                      Daniel Hageman:    www.boru-ufo.com
           Brian Seech:   www.centerforunexplainedevents.com