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BORU MONTHLY MEETINGS                                                           

BORU Meetings are Temporarily Postponed!

If you attended the Paranormal Conference this or previous years
Please send us a Quick Email on How you heard about the event and what you thought of them?

Send Emails to:

If you didn't attend but are interested in knowing more about BORU or Our
Yearly Conference, Please Contact us!

We are always looking to welcome individuals to join our organization.

If interested, Contact us today!
Mission Statement (Brief)
The basic mission of BORU is dedicated to investigating and
researching UFO activity and other unusual paranormal sightings
in the Butler County and the Western Pennsylvania area.
What you need to document if you have a sighting:
If you would like to report a sighting or something unusual that you  
cannot explain, contact us. Any information that you provide us, will  
be handled professionally and be kept confidential at your request.
Report your sighting to  The B.O.R.U. email
address is not working at this time please use the Thank you for your understanding.

Note the date and the time of the sighting.

Location of sighting and direction of travel.

Description of object.

Weather conditions.

Number of witnesses.

If at all possible, document sighting with still or video camera and report your sighting as soon as possible.

Report ALL Sightings To:
Welcome To BORU-UFO